Trailer Rentals

We offer many styles and sizes of trailers for rent for; Daily, Weekly, or Monthly durations. Styles are as follows, but not limited to;

Flat Deck Equipment Hauling

  • 8'x18' Tandem 3500lbs axles, GVWR 7000 lbs (slide-in loading ramps)
  • 8'x18' tandem 5200lbs axles, GVWR 9950 lbs (Fold down beavertail ramps)
  • 8'x18' tandem 7000lbs axles, GVWR 16000lbs (Tilt Deck)

Hydraulic Dump Trailer

  • 5'x8' Single 5200lbs axle, GVWR 5200lbs
  • 6'10' tandem 3500lbs axles, GVWR 7000lbs
  • 7'x12' tandem 5200lbs axles, GVWR 9990lbs (slide-in loading ramps incl.)

All dump trailers are equipped with a roll tarp. All loads are required to be secured by the department of transportation and landfills to which they may be taken too. All dump trailers have electric over hydraulic hoisting for easy dumping and equipped with their own battery source and compatibility with any vehicle.

Enclosed Cargo

  • 6'x10' Single axle 3500lbs, GVWR 3500lbs (rear ramp door)
  • 7'x16' tandem axle 3500lbs, GVWR 7000lbs (rear ramp door)


  • Daily $75.00
  • Weekly $320.00
  • Monthly $ TBD, Typically the 4th week half price
  • Out of town rates may be subject to change, so please provide details

Also available for rent are; Trailer light plug adapters, draw bars with ball, chains and binders, and tie down straps and d-rings. A damage deposit may be required and a major credit card at time of rental. Further discounts may be offered for long term rentals.

"GVWR" means Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This means that the combined weight of the trailer and load must not exceed the GVWR of the said trailer. If the trailer GVWR exceeds 10,000lbs, a class 3 Manitoba Drivers License will be required or equal to if out of province. An inspection at the time of rental and the return of the trailers will be completed and any damaged will be assessed at that time.

All tandem axle trailers have electric braking axles and require a 7 pin trailer light hookup. Vehicles should be equipped with a working electric brake controller.

Any tickets, fines or costs related to improper use or qualifications of the renter(s) will be responsibility of the renter.

An $85.00 deposit may be required at time of reservation, or 7 days prior to guarantee rental. A 24 hour cancellation will be required otherwise you will forfeit the deposit to compensate for potential lose of rental.

The above information may change without notice, please inquire when requesting. We reserve the right to refuse rental at time of pickup, if we feel your vehicle or driver is not capable.

Waste & Recycling Removal

Visit our our sister company "Absolute Bins" for all your bin rental needs:

Recycling Compactors & Collectors


Concrete Washout Stations


Storage Container Rentals & Storage Container Moving

We offer two sizes of secure mobile storage containers. Our storage units are secure and can be placed in most locations and most importantly are delivered by our experienced staff.
We are also the only company in Manitoba to use a system specifically designed to lift and transport Sea Can type storage containers.

Our mobile Storage units are great for storage while you're renovating or building, moving, construction jobsite office or storage, company equipment storage, etc. Our storage units can placed with 1-2 ft from any structure or building depending on the base it placed on.

We offer an 8' wide x 8' high x 14' long storage unit which looks more like a trailer. It is water tight and has a roll up door on the rear of the unit. We only have one choice as to where the door can be. We load the storage units with the doors to the rear. So if we are placing the unit on your driveway then the door would be placed to your house or garage.

The service fee for the 8'x8'x14' storage unit is as follows:

  • Drop off $75.00
  • Pickup loaded and transport to new site $150.00
  • Pickup empty $75.00
  • Monthly rental $150.00
  • Fuel surcharge may apply, please inquire

Our larger and most popular storage unit which may also be known as a shipping container or "Sea Can" is available by us in only one size, 20' long x 8' wide x 8' high. We can transport these units empty and full. However when lifting the storage units for transport, the storage unit will be lifted on one end tilted the unit, therefore items in the unit must be secured tightly and properly. We cannot be responsible for and damage to anything inside the container. Our competitors have used a flat deck tow truck in the past which scrapes the containers and ground below, and requires a higher angle of tilt when loading and unloading.

These units are constructed of steel and have two barn type doors that have four locking hasps to keep the storage unit locked up tight. Be sure you have one to four locks.

We can have the opening doors on either end but we will need to know this at time of booking.

These units are also completely water and rodent tight.

The service fee for the 8'x8'x20' storage unit is as follows:

  • One way transport $125.00
  • Relocate loaded $175.00
  • Monthly Rental $125.00
  • Fuel surcharge may apply, please inquire

We also sell the 20' Storage Units, please inquire for pricing.

Snow Clearing & Snow Hauling

We have been providing snow clearing and haul away service for many residential and commercial properties. We work with many commercial property management companies and property owners.

We offer service on a per time basis and contractual basis.

Please contact us for further information or email a request for a quote on your property.

Machinery Moving

Our staff specializes in moving all types of machinery / equipment. Equipment such as skid steers, loaders, farm equipment, zoom booms, scissor lifts, but not limited too.

We can move machinery up to 28,500 lbs. Please inquire for further details, but please have the dimensions and weight of equipment requesting to be moved.

We have a few different types of trucks/trailers used for machinery moving.

Leveling & Grading

Under Contruction - COMING SOON!!!!!

Demolition Services

We have many years of experience with demolitioning structures and smaller buildings. We have dealt with all aspects including the permit process with the city or municipal offices.

We also provide concrete demolition such as garage pads and sidewalk / walkways. We can also prepare your area for your new garage or building.

Interior demolition services may be available. Please call to inquire further.